Types of video templates

In this clause, we’ll look at the various exemplars of video samples for sites. There’re
plenty of them, and it allows you to elect the one that approaches personally you.
The first one is called «EX». Very cool, sheer and creative one-page with a background
video, which is suitable for web design workshops, advertising agencies and other things like that.
Has an interesting portfolio grid.

The next is «Xone». Single-page sample with full-screen background video in the caption.
There is also a musical accompaniment of video that can be turned off.
Number three is «Studio 8». It’s a premium HTML sample, recommended for agencies,
web studios or freelancers. «Studio 8» attracts diligence due to a video slider in the cap and a threedimensional
block from the portfolio. On its basis, you can make a one-page, and a corporate

The fourth is «Enigma». Completely thought out, executed in the style of minimalism, an
adaptive HTML pattern. Ideal for advertising agencies, freelancers, as well as for personal
portfolios, presentations of outlandish ideas. «Enigma» consists of well-organized structural
elements, so you can lightly change or reorganize everything at any second.
Number five is «Joker». It’s a professed photo and video HTML format pattern. The
sample comprehends all the requisite elements for originating a site of any subject and has a
dynamic animation for scrolling, which more than helps in the design of a high-quality personal or
corporate portfolio.

We considered only 5 variants among dozens of other existing ones. Of course, every
person has their own tastes and preferences, and everyone likes different options. That’s why there’s
a very big amount of video patterns that lets you catch out the perfect one for you and with the
facilitation of any video pattern to make your poster so unique and not resembling to others.