1. What am I getting when I purchase from Videosmash.com?
All video effects are sorted by themes and gathered in packs. The number of video loops in each pack may vary so you should check the description of the pack before purchasing. Video effects are provided in .MOV format with 720p (1280×720) resolution. For better performance we chose different codecs for video compression in different packs of video effects. All technical information is available on the preview page.

2. I have a problem with my payment. What should I do?
Please contact billing(at)videosmash.com for assistance.

3. Do you offer discounts?
From time to time we carry on promos so you have a good chance of receiving a discount upon contacting helpdesk(at)videosmash.com

4. How do I download video effects from the pack that I purchased?
After your payment is processed, your accounts gets instantly activated. Access information is sent via your registration e-mail. Simply login and go to Your Account (top right corner) to download your purchased products.

5. I cannot access my account. What should I do?
If you forgot your password, please use the Password Restore Option to reinstate the access to your account.

6. I no longer have an access to my registration e-mail address and I cannot remember the password. What should I do?
Please contact helpdesk(at)videosmash.com for assistance. Provide your payment details in your request.

7. Where can I use these video footages?
Video industry is a vast realm for using video effects. Movie trailers, video presentations, TV advertisement is just a beginning of the list where you can use video effects. Additionally video loops can be implemented in flash animated websites and flash intros.

8. What software do I need to modify video effects?
Depending on your skills and the result you want to achieve, different software may be required. Adobe After Effects (paid software) is the original software which stands first in the row and you may perform great modifications with this software. (See some basic tutorials about how to work with our video loops in Adobe After Effects). Some simple modifications can be done in Apple QuickTime (paid software) or other video editing software. Please consider downloading free video loops for estimation before purchasing.

9. Are there any restrictions towards using your video effects?
Please review our Terms of Use and Content License Agreement here before purchasing. Have you any questions, please forward them to helpdesk(at)videosmash.com

10. What if I can’t find an answer to my question?
Please contact helpdesk(at)videosmash.com for assistance.