Concept of video templates

The video template for the site is a video screensaver, which is reflected immediately after
the site goes live. At the moment, many sites use this template, because it is original, creative, and
attract users. So to say, it’s a kind of advertising for site.

Using full-screen video as a background is a great way to make an effective first
impression on an audience. A stylish videophone can easily make a person stop at the site to learn
more about it. Such «extra minutes» bring the potential possibility that the client will also be
interested in other content on the page.

Often the user logs in to the site, having the exact goal and knowing what he wants. In this
case, he doesn’t pay consideration to the other services, products or categories that a particular site
offers. A video template allows the user to see these services, or simply attract attention and interest
a potential customer, which is very beneficial for site owners.

The advantage of such a video is that it’s not obsessive, moreover, in many cases it is
perceived positively and clearly better than the usual advertising posted on the site, and certainly
better than pop-up ads that often irritate users.

Well-crafted and taken video for a site can significantly increase its attendance. Also, such
a presentation of the site looks more solid, at the subconscious level user forms a positive attitude to
the company.

Video templates also allow users to better understand the specifics of the site and to
understand its essence, especially if the information presented on a site is in another language that
the user doesn’t possess at a sufficient level, which is a very common situation.

In a modern society, where the IT sphere dominates everywhere, it’s important to keep
pace with it in order to be successful. An example of this are video templates, because even a few
years ago, such a concept didn’t exist at all. And if there were lonely cases of such use of video
clips for the presentation of the site, this was considered rather an exception. Now this is a
widespread phenomenon.

Using new approaches to customer engagement, namely video templates, we obtain a twoway
process – the development of new technologies and user satisfaction, which is undoubtedly a
positive phenomenon.